family lawStudy divorce and separation, custody and parenting, baby assist and spousal assist, imposing assist and resolving enforcement points. A wet-nurse, or lady who suckles a baby not her own (a not uncommon state of affairs in conventional societies, even as we speak) creates, through her milk, a relationship with the kid and between her household and his family, exactly like that of a relationship through blood ties.

Restricted reforms had been launched, adopting principles from other faculties of Islamic law in order to increase the grounds upon which a lady may obtain a judicial divorce to include the husband’s refusal or inability to supply for her (Article 1129), his refusal to perform his marital (sexual) duties, his maltreatment of her, and his affliction with a disease which may endanger her life (Article 1130).

Alternatively, free cohabitation with a woman and not using a guardian (guardianship being entrusted to herself) and the duty of stūrīh was not against the law however imposed certain obligations on her partner to support her and her children (Mādayān, pt. 1, p. 36).

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