law glossaryAccused – A person charged with breaking the regulation. The law as established in previous courtroom decisions. A person referred to as upon by either facet in a lawsuit to give testimony before the court or jury. A jury verdict that a criminal defendant is just not responsible, or the finding of a decide that the evidence is insufficient to support a conviction.

Pertaining to civil suits in “fairness” reasonably than in “legislation.” In English authorized history, the courts of “regulation” might order the cost of damages and will afford no other remedy (see damages). Contract – an settlement signed by two or extra parties setting out the phrases of an arrangement – for example, between a purchaser and a seller in a property transaction.

Conveyancing – the processes involved in shopping for, selling or remortgaging a property to transfer its authorized title from one person to a different. In Digicam Inspection: A trial choose’s private consideration of evidence. Usually, the court won’t or can’t weigh the proof in the manner that the company does below its use of the preponderance of the evidence test.

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