family lawHOUSEHOLD REGULATION, legal prescriptions dealing with marriage, divorce, the status of kids, inheritance, and associated matters. Islam doesn’t envision adoption of youngsters (Koran 33:37) within the sense that the kid becomes a legal heir of the adoptive” mother or father; there are, nevertheless, means of de facto adoption, equivalent to bequeathing the permissible one-third of one’s property to a non-inheritor, making the child a companion within the father or mother’s business, creating items, and so on. Paternity of a child of unknown origin, such as a foundling, can be acknowledged.

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Custody of children varies within the schools; among the many Shiʿites, the mother is entitled to custody only up to two years of age in the case of boys and seven for girls; the Sunnis give custody to the mother as much as ages seven or 9 for boys and till puberty (or even marriage among the many Malekites) for ladies.

Illegitimacy hardly comes up, in that Islamic law for humanitarian functions employs a number of methods to stop it, such as the heavy burden of proof to show illegal intercourse and the attribution of the child to the marriage bed whether it is born no less than six months from the beginning of the wedding.