law glossaryN. a lawsuit in which one celebration (or parties) sues one other. A typical expression utilized by courts is to say that the company choice need only be cheap, it need not be “right,” under, for example, the substantial proof take a look at. This does not imply that the company head should personally learn the entire report or write the decision.

This document is initially filed with the County Clerk ‘s Workplace and a copy is then served upon the Defendant to present notice that the Plaintiff has began a divorce action. In a civil case, the individual or group in opposition to whom the plaintiff brings swimsuit; in a prison case, the individual accused of the crime.

Bench trial – A trial with no jury, by which a choose serves as the actual fact-finder and makes their decision. Courtroom commissioner – A judicial officer at both trial and appellate court docket ranges who performs most of the identical duties as judges and justices.

The extent of legal authority or power of the Court docket to use the regulation. A courtroom resolution in an earlier case with information and legal points similar to a dispute currently earlier than a court. Third Social gathering: A celebration to a court motion who isn’t the Plaintiff or Defendant.