law definitionsProfessional bono” comes from the Latin phrase pro bono publico” which means for the general public good”. Search Warrant – A written order issued by a court that directs an officer to go looking a particular location for proof of criminal activity. Intervention – A procedure allowing a third particular person, not originally a named social gathering to a legal action, to voluntarily change into a party to it.

Search – A government officialís inspection of personal property, both actual or personal, for the aim of discovering weapons, contraband, or evidence. Felony: Any legal offense for which a person may be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of greater than of one yr.

An individual (or business) against whom a lawsuit is filed. Unfair terms – some terms are made unfair by laws and will not be enforced by the courts and will even be interpreted against the person who included them in the contract. Plaintiff – An individual who initiates a civil lawsuit.

Legal recommendation; a term also used to check with the attorneys in a case. Long Arm Statute – Permits a court docket to train private jurisdiction over an individual or enterprise that does not reside in the state the place the court is located. Household Violence Victim Advocate: A person who works with domestic violence victims to determine their wants and inform them of their rights and sources out there to them.

A pretrial motion requesting the court to ban the other facet from presenting, and even referring to, evidence on matters mentioned to be so extremely prejudicial that no steps taken by the decide can stop the jury from being unduly influenced. Emancipated Minor: A person beneath the legal majority age of 18 who is granted most rights and authorized privileges of an grownup (C.G.S.§46b-a hundred and fifty, et seq.).